Sunday, October 18, 2009

12. Pumpkin Cake

FINALLY. I get to post this cake! I haven't wanted to yet because I wasn't sure of all of the details of the recipe until today. This is sooo goood! It's moist and full of flavor and only 6 points per slice including the icing! How amazing is that?

This recipe comes to us from Ashley, a fellow diet blogger and good friend.

Pumpkin Cake - 6 points per slice, including icing.
Serves 10.

One 15oz can Packed Pumpkin (pure, not pie mix)
One package Spice Cake Mix (Any brand we use Duncan Hines)
1/3 Cup Water

Bake for 35-40 min (or until you stick a knife in the middle and it comes out clean) on 350.

For the icing:

1 package low fat cream cheese
1 (regular size) container low fat cool whip
Splenda and Cinnamon to taste (I used one Tsp. Splenda and 4 'shakes' of the Cinnamon shaker)

Whip until smooth and well blended.

You can either now ice the cake or serve each slice with a dollop on top! Up to you!



  1. yay cake... its all lopsided and stuff... but it was tasty!

  2. as quoted by my mom "is that my pumpkin cake in Ruby's blog? It looks disgusting"

    as said by me 'ya but it was nomtastic'


  3. I lovelovelove this!!! I want it for my birthday!